More Than Just a Cleaning Company


In addition to daily office cleaning, we are proud of the expertise we possess in a much wider field. As you read through this page hopefully you will realise how rounded and proffessional we are, able to offer a high standard of service no matter what the cleaning task.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery cleaning should only be carried out by fully trained professional employees. There are three main methods of carpet cleaning.

The most popular is hot water extraction. A hot water and chemical mix is sprayed into the carpet pile to loosen dirt from the fibres. A powerful suction follows behind drawing the liquid and dirt away. The fine spray appears as steam, hence commonly referred to as steam cleaning.

The second method is shampoo. A liquid foaming agent is added to hot water and supplied to the carpet via rotating brushes. The dirt is agitated and mixed with the foam, which then crystallises. Once dry the carpet should be vacuumed to remove the crystals containing the dirt particles.

Where it is impractical to wet the carpet i.e. in constantly busy areas such as hotel receptions, we recommend a dry system. Small foam particles are sprinkled onto the carpet and agitated with a brush. Dirt clings to the particles, which are then removed from the carpet by vacuum cleaning

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Refuse Collection

Many problems were created for our clients with the introduction of council rubbish bag schemes, run by many London Boroughs. The main problems are that rubbish has to be placed on the street at specified times and only for a set amount of time. This restricts the window for cleaning, to a time that was often inconvenient to our clients. Added to that is the necessity for prepayment of the bags which could only be ordered by the client.

We solved the problem by partnering a licensed refuse collector, resulting in our having much more control over collection times enabling cleaning to be carried out to suit the client. We now supply the bags at the same price as the council, only invoiced in arrears.

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Janitorial Supplies

The price quoted for any of our cleaning services will always include the cost of materials, unless otherwise stated.

We carry a large selection of consumable items such as black bags, bin liners, toilet rolls, hand towels, soaps, etc. Prices are competitive and include delivery Once your requirements have been stored in our computerised stock system, deliveries will be made on an as required basis when items reach the pre-set re-order levels.

All chemicals are supplied with the relevant C.O.S.H.H. data.

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Hard Floors

It requires many years of experience and learning to fully understand the various floor coverings and the treatments and processes, required for each. Be it simple scrubbing of a vinyl floor or complete marble vitrification, we have the expertise to carry out and advise on the best solution.

The investment made in the latest state of the art machines and computer technology enables us to design complex maintenance programs for high profile buildings. The same technology can and is applied to smaller, not so high profile buildings, maintaining a constant standard at a realistic budget.

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Computer Cleaning

For many office based businesses a computer system is possibly the biggest capital expenditure they will make. It therefore makes sense to introduce a cleaning program which will maintain that investment.

Such a program would include daily dry dusting of the screen, monitor casing and keyboard. All our cleaning operatives have been trained in this level of computer care.

A less frequent deep clean would encompass the keyboard, polishing keys and casing, cleaning the monitor, CPU, mouse and all wiring. This work would be carried out by a specialist technician who is acquainted with the different types of materials used by modern computer manufacturers.

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Events can range from a small office party to a convention hosted by a specialist company. Our role can be as varied as the event itself.

Whether all you require is a few glasses washed up afterwards or a pre-event clean, the supply of uniformed toilet attendants and bar staff followed by deep clean prior to the handing back of the premises, you should be talking to us.

We have the level of expertise to ensure your event goes with a swing.

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Telephone Sanitising

Ear infections are easily passed by more than one person using the same telephone. To counter this we would suggest having each telephone sanitised on a weekly basis.

We use a telephone sanitising product which continues to work for up to seven days. Our trained operatives are on hand to carry out the application process leaving the handset clean and germ free.

Telephone wipes are available for clients who prefer staff to be responsible for their own equipment.

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Kitchen Cleaning

Food borne illnesses often result in absenteeism and reduced productivity; they are also very unpleasant for the individual. In the UK it has been estimated that there are around 4.7 million food borne illnesses every year, most of these could have been prevented by good hygiene practice.

Our approach to Kitchen Cleansing takes account of the cleaning of crockery and utensils which are a major source of cross contamination, wherever possible we recommend a dishwasher be used, due to the high temperature wash. Care is also taken to ensure all worktops are cleaned with a sterilising solution as are all hand contact areas.

Steam technology can also be employed on a regular basis to totally destroy all bacteria and viruses.

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Swab Testing

Your premises may look clean, but are they germfree?

Regular swab testing should be carried out to detect microscopic organisms which, if left unchecked, will multiply to unacceptable levels. The results will highlight areas of bacteria and viruses, where you are at risk from cross contamination. Some of these organisms will be pathogenic and possibly cause food poisoning.

As part of our commitment to infection control we offer a regular swab testing service. Random swab samples are taken, cultured for 72 hours, with results being reported to you by email.

This service is available even if we do not clean your premises.

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Hand and tea towels are a high source of cross contamination and we would recommend replacing the first with either paper or hot air. Likewise, use of a Dishwasher would practically remove the need for the latter. However, there are many clients who prefer to use either or both and for them we will take away the items, launder, with a high temperature wash, and return.

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Window Cleaning

Wikipedia describes a window cleaner as ‘maintaining the cleanliness of windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Often thought of as an unskilled job, window cleaning requires mastery of special techniques.’

It goes on to list the qualities a window cleaner should have:

  • Be fit and healthy
  • Be prepared to work outdoors in most weathers
  • Be able to work at heights, i.e. climb ladders
  • Be able to learn to use power-operated lifting equipment or abseil
  • Be happy to work alone (although some may work in teams)
  • Be safety-conscious (this is a dangerous job).

Although many of the hazards and the need for ladders, abseiling and harnesses have been reduced with the introduction of the ‘Pole and Reach’ window cleaning system, the level of skills has increased.

We offer a complete window cleaning service ranging from shop fronts to atriums to internal partitioning, nothing is too big or too small. All our window cleaning staff are fully insured and operate within current Health and Safety recommendations.

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Hygiene in the Office

With over 80% of bacteria and viruses passing from one person to another via surface to hand contact, removing the germs from all contact surfaces will mean cross contamination is not possible. This is the basis for the Hygiene in the Office program.

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