Hygiene in the Office

More Than Just a Cleaning Company

Hygiene in the Office

Hygiene in the Office is an approach to cleaning that does more than just satisfy a desire for the premises to sparkle. It is the removal of infectious germs from contact surfaces within the workplace, thus preventing transmission from one person to another.

With over 80% of bacteria and viruses passing from one person to another via surface to hand contact, removing the germs from all contact surfaces will mean cross contamination is not possible. By identifying and assessing all contact surfaces, we are able to put together a daily schedule of disinfection, sterilisation, damp wiping or just dusting, to ensure not only an office that sparkles, but one that is truly germ free.

In wet areas such as kitchens and toilets , we use dry steam under pressure at over 60c, which ensures all bacteria and viruses are killed. Smells are greatly reduced, resulting in a more pleasant environment, with that elusive feel clean factor.

How clean are your premises? Put them to the test and take the Germfree Challenge, it’s free and you can see for yourself how clean your workplace really is.

Cleaning has finally come of age and is no longer a matter of moving dust from one place to another but, with the introduction of Hygiene in the Office,it can be seen to have a real effect on the working environment, with reduced sickness, increased productivity and a happy smiling workforce. We cannot stop illness entering your building but we can stop it spreading.

These are just some of the comments we have received following the introduction of a Hygiene in the Office program:

‘Not so many people seemed to get the flu this year’
‘The office office looks a lot cleaner’

‘We are all more hygiene conscious, the hand gel is great’

‘I feel more comfortable using the toilet’

‘Everyone seems more cheerful’

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Swab Testing

How safe are your premises from cross contamination?

Do you know where the bugs are lurking?

Regular swab testing monitors bacteria and viruses.


Toilet Steam Cleansing

53 % of ladies surveyed admitted to not using the workplace toilets, this included 27% who rarely even entered the washroom.

Toilet Steam Cleansing untilises dry steam technology operating at over

60c instantly killing all bacteria, viruses and spores. The steam penetrates all nooks and crannies where chemicals cannot reach.

The weekly cleansing is carried out during normal working hours, so raising confidence in the cleanliness of the washrooms.