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We hope you have found your visit to this site enjoyable, informative and rewarding. If you leave in the knowledge that viruses such as colds and flu can be prevented from being passed around the office, we have made a small step forward.

If you would like to know more about our commitment to the reduction of cross contamination, or how by implementing a different cleaning approach to your offices, sickness can be reduced, please get in touch either by phone or email:

0845 305 4114

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    Cleaning for Health

    With over 80% of bacteria and viruses passing from one person to another via surface to hand contact, removing the germs from all contact surfaces will mean cross contamination is not possible. This is the basis for the Cleaning for Health program.

    Carpet Cleaning

    The carpet is one of the most important features in your office. It is not as eye-catching as a piece furniture, but it can make a subtle difference to your office looking clean and fresh or dirty and drab.

    The life of your carper can be extended by regular vacuuming,being particularly thorough in areas of heavy traffic, and deep cleaning every 6 to 12 months.